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1991 Best of Show Winner

May 7, 2021

1932 Chrysler CH Imperial Speedster shown by Sam & Emily Mann

This 1932 Chrysler (chassis 7900470) is a one-off special created inhouse for Walter P. Chrysler himself.

The Speedster was likely penned by lead stylist Herb Weissinger, who also designed several other avant-garde Chrysler concepts, and rather than being constructed on the longer 146-inch CL Imperial platform, it was built on the shorter CH platform with 135-inch wheelbase.

In addition to its unique design, the car includes many experimental engineering features, including a high compression aluminum head boosting the output of the 385-cubic inch straight eight powerplant from 125 to 160 hp, a gas pedal–actuated starter with automatic stall restart, an automatic choke with a solenoid-operated gas dump valve for use if the engine flooded, a pendulum-actuated valve to disengage the clutch amidst a sudden stop, a high speed rear end, and a spare tire mounted on sliding rails for easy access.

The car passed from Walter P. Chrysler Sr. to Walter Jr., and then to Albert Nippert. Sam & Emily Mann acquired the car in 1988 and restored it in their own shop before showing it at the 1991 Pebble Beach Concours, where it took top honors.

The Manns have since garnered three more Best of Show trophies with three other cars—a Voisin and two Delages—tying them with William Harrah for the second-most wins at Pebble Beach.

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