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2011 Best of Show Winner

August 2, 2021

1935 Voisin C 25 Aerodyne shown by Peter & Merle Mullin

Gabriel Voisin was among the earliest aviators, developing a plane that undertook a controlled and circular flight as early as 1908. He is also credited with creating the first commercial aircraft factory, with his brother Charles. Voisin turned its hand to producing automobiles after World War I, but he continued to put his aeronautic expertise to good use; his company specialized in crafting cars of lightweight materials and exhibiting streamlined designs.

The C-25 Aerodyne featured a 3-liter sleeve-valve type motor with two carburetors developing 100 bhp and delivering a top speed of over 85 mph. The transmission was a semiautomatic Cotal.

Restoring this Voisin was a labor of love for Peter and Merle Mullin, who have focused much of their collection on French coachwork and Art Deco design; they spared no expense in making certain that even the signature pattern of the interior cloth was faithfully recreated via loom.

“The Voisin is a four-door closed car, so it’s actually an unexpected winner, said Concours Chairman Sandra Button. “However the car’s remarkable attention to detail brought it forward during the judging and it became a real crowd-pleaser.”

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