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Bentley Mulliner Batur: See it on our 2022 Concept Lawn

August 21, 2022

Bentley Mulliner introduces the new pinnacle coachbuilt Bentley—and the future of Bentley design.

The latest extraordinary project from Bentley Mulliner follows the Bentley Bacalar, which marked the return of Mulliner to bespoke coachbuilding, continuing Mulliner’s lineage of being the oldest coachbuilder in the world.

The new Grand Tourer, revealed here at Pebble Beach by Bentley on Saturday, August 20, previews Bentley’s future-facing design language revolution that will lead to a new portfolio of cars that combine luxury, performance and sustainability in extraordinary ways. The new form language builds on the heritage of Bentley’s past, evolving a cutting-edge design that both invokes classic Bentley elements and establishes new design DNA for the future.

The new car sits atop Mulliner’s family of bespoke, personalized cars, alongside the Blower Continuation Series, which is the world’s first prewar continuation series, delivering 12 newly built Bentley Blowers from the original 1929 design.

Beneath these iconic products, customers have the option to design their own bespoke Bentley with the assistance of Mulliner Design, or choose to personalize their car through a range of carefully handcrafted options and features that go beyond the myriad choices available to every customer. Every detail of the new car will be customizable by the customer; from colors, to materials, to surface finishes, each car will be a handcrafted masterpiece individually tailored to the customer’s meticulous specification.

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