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Coming to our 2021 Concept Lawn: BUSSINK GT R Speedlegend

August 12, 2021

With 850 ps and lots of carbon light-weight components, the BUSSINK GT R Speedlegend is a contemporary interpretation of a unique high-performance speedster with a Formula 1 feeling. Whether it’s sporty driving or relaxed cruising, the Speedlegend goes above and beyond. 

The donor vehicle for the BUSSINK GT R Speedlegend is the Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster, limited at 750 units. To implement the project, Bussink sought support from HWA AG in Affalterbach. The experienced engineering experts in the fields of automobile racing and high-performance vehicles were commissioned with the design, development and production of the vehicle. 


Nowhere can you experience speed more intensely! 

The Halo-like Speedbow is the center-piece of the design. It is equipped with elegant lighting and all the necessary sensors to make the vehicle roadworthy. In addition to the Speedbow and the domes, there are more design elements on the vehicle that make the look incomparable, such as the stylish louvers and side hoses. To top it off, the rims were painted with special accents and the carbon with a clear coat in the color of the car. The outcome is a unique speedster with the genes of a racing car!

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