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The Genesis X Concept: See it on our 2021 Concept Lawn

August 15, 2021

The Genesis X Concept is the brand’s fifth concept car, following the New York, GV80, Essentia, and Mint concepts, and epitomizes its new take on sustainable luxury car design. In particular, the new concept car is a high-performance GT that maximizes use of the Two Lines design element that Genesis is known for. 

The Two Lines theme, which is applied throughout the interior and exterior, including electric charging devices, embodies the design language of future Genesis EV models. The name “Genesis X” is a combination of Genesis and the letter X, which symbolizes a “hidden hero.” 

The front of the Genesis X features a low, yet broad silhouette thanks to the combination of the shield-shaped Crest Grille, which represents the brand’s inherent dignity and pride, and the two lined headlamps, which cut through the wheel arch. The double-layered bumpers also create a strong impression. 

In particular, the two-lined Quad Lamps symbolize Genesis’ unparalleled technology and design. The Genesis X Concept’s interior materials showcase the type of sustainable luxury that the Genesis brand pursues. 

The use of upcycled materials adds unique character to the Genesis X’s interior. A weave-patterned fabric made out of leftover pieces of leather from previous manufacturing processes was used for the safety belts, parts of the steering wheel, and the airbag cover, highlighting the concept car’s eco-friendliness. 

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