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Each car tells a story of the time it was built, who built it, and who ended up with the car. Being part of a car’s history, whether you own and drive it every day or you work on bringing it back to life, is what I like most about cars.
Nate McLaughlin
First Heumann Scholar

Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann Scholarships

To honor Jules “J.” Heumann, who worked passionately throughout his life to save and celebrate great cars, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance has established the Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann Scholarships.

J. was a guiding light to the Pebble Beach Concours for over four decades. He attended the event from its beginning in 1950; he first showed a car here—a 1958 Jaguar Mark IV—in 1958; he began his tenure as a Judge in 1967; and then, with his good friend Lorin Tryon, he served as Co-Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours from 1972 through 1998, elevating this event to its premier status. Throughout that time, J.’s first wife Sally was often right by his side, adding her charm and personality to the mix, making certain that not only the cars but the people were warmly welcomed.

J. lost both Sally and Lorin within months of each other after the 1998 event, but he continued to serve as Chairman for another year, ensuring a smooth transition for Glenn Mounger and then Sandra Button to follow him in that position. Thereafter, he added the word “Emeritus” to his title, but he remained very involved in the Concours, in the car world, and he continued to work on cars.

J. loved to work with his hands, and he did much of the restoration work on his own cars—one of which took the top award at Pebble Beach in 1972—so the Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann scholarships will go to fund students in the restoration program at McPherson College in Kansas.

J’s daughters, Jann and Leslie, as well as some of our Concours entrants and judges, have already stepped forward with generous donations to help fund these scholarships, and we thank them. The Pebble Beach Company Foundation, the primary charitable partner of the Concours, has agreed to act as the administrator for these scholarships.

If you wish to join with us by honoring J. in this manner, we invite your contribution, using our regular donation form (see Donate Now button below). Please contact Sandra Button or Concours staff member Michaela Papazian (831-622-1700; [email protected]) if you desire further information.

Introducing Nate McLaughlin: Our First Jules "J." & Sally Heumann Scholar

The first recipient of a Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann Scholarship is Nate McLaughlin of Ticonderoga, New York, who enters his junior year in the restoration program at McPherson College in Kansas this fall. 

Nate believes every car has a story to tell—and he likes having the opportunity to be part of a car’s history. That’s why he is drawn to a career in automotive restoration.

The first car that sparked Nate’s interested was a Mustang that he purchased from his mom for one dollar. He began fixing it and making it his own, but it wasn’t until he started restoring and painting cars with his grandfather that he knew this is what he loved. The first time he picked up a paint gun, Nate knew that he wanted a career working on cars. 

Even though working with his grandfather is what sealed Nate’s love of cars, he is still surprised at how willing people are to help others in the car world: “I think the most surprising thing about the car world is just how willing people are to give you a helping hand. There will always be someone to help you when you’re working on your car. Not to mention all of the forums and videos dedicated to sharing information about cars.”

During an internship at Vintage Car Works in Denver, Nate fell in love with Porsches and hopes to have a career contributing to the restoration of early air-cooled Porsches by shooting concours-quality paint jobs. “I would love to work for a high-end restoration shop where I can continue to build my skills,” Nate said. 

For now, Nate keeps busy as a member of the C.A.R.S. Club on campus and is co-president of the M-Club. He also plays percussion in the McPherson College band and works in the admissions office, the advancement office and is a resident assistant for student life. He has also been on the honor roll since he began attending McPherson College.

From the first car he bought with just a dollar to his dream car, the 1974 prototype 911 RSR turbo that ran at LeMans, Nate will always be fascinated by the stories cars have to tell.

“I have always loved classic cars and their history. Whether it’s a small hand-built aluminum-bodied Porsche or a piece of Americana like a 1967 Camaro, you really get a feel for that time period as you work on these cars,” he said. “It’s like nothing else.”

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