Sponsorship Opportunities

For sponsorship inquiries, please contact Senior Director Sean Jacobs at (415) 777-2077 or (831) 622-1700 or via email at sjacobs@pebblebeachconcours.net

The Pebble Beach Concours draws together tens of thousands of the world’s automotive enthusiasts. Famed designers, racing greats, captains of industry and a multitude of media representatives covering automotive and lifestyle trends are all a part of the mix. With a multitude of ways in which you can achieve this goal, the Pebble Beach Concours offers significant return on your investment. 

From sponsoring key Concours events and activities to being part of the Awards Ceremony presenting trophies and awards, or having your brand used by all our entrants, judges and volunteers via gifts and amenities, there is sponsorship opportunity for all.

As a partner of the Pebble Beach Concours, you:

  • Align your name with excellence. You share in the success of this world-renowned event.
  • Reach out to a select and focused market. The Pebble Beach Concours plays host to aficionados of technology and style, key industry representatives and a multitude of media members.
  • Contribute to deserving charities. With the support of our partners, the Concours has now contributed over $37 million to charity.

Venue Sponsorships

Get your brand in front of Concours spectators and participants with this special opportunity throughout the various venues open during Pebble Beach Automotive Week.


Display & Debut Sponsorships

Looking for the perfect moment to unveil the next big thing? Look no further.


Award Ceremony Sponsorships

Be part of the Awards Ceremony on Concours Sunday and walk onto the awards stage through one of these one of a kind sponsorships.


Concours Hospitality Sponsorships

Host up to 60 clients, business prospects, employees and friends in the most exclusive Concours setting—an ocean view room and patio at The Lodge at Pebble Beach. Watch the Concours up close and in comfort—and entertain top clients.

Concours Gift Sponsorships

What better way to reach the exclusive group of Concours participants. Get your brand directly in front of them.


Transportation Sponsorships

Looking outside of traditional Sponsorships? Find out about our In-Kind transportation sponsorship.


Special Event Sponsorships

Pebble Beach RetroAuto, Classic Car Forums, these are just some of the signature Pebble Beach Automotive Week events that could be just the place to bring your sponsorship.

If this collection of events is the solar system, then the Pebble Beach Concours is the sun around which all others orbit. It draws the biggest international crowd, has the largest number of commercial sponsors and never fails to attract rare and elegant a

—The New York Times

An Unmatched Tradition of Automotive Excellence since 1950

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