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Our Primary Charitable Partner: The Pebble Beach Company Foundation

Through our primary charitable partner, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation, proceeds from the Pebble Beach Concours benefit more than 90 of the region’s best youth-focused nonprofit educational programs. 

In keeping with its focus on education, the Foundation is also working with the Concours to oversee the scholarship programs created to honor John Lamm, Phil Hill and Jules “J.” & Sally Heumann and encourage the next generation of automotive enthusiasts. Several charities also benefit directly from our Concours Charity Drawings as well as grants provided through the Foundation. Additional charities volunteer time and effort in exchange for donations, while other nonprofits benefit from the use of Concours infrastructure, such as tents, to host their own fundraisers.

The Pebble Beach Company Foundation impacts the lives of more than 10,000 children annually in Monterey County.

Despite the fact that Monterey County is iconic there is a troubling epidemic in the community. Sixty-seven percent of third-grade children cannot read at their grade level. Twenty-five percent of children under the age of 17 live below the poverty line. More than 50,000 residents require monthly food assistance. It is these figures, and ultimately these lives, that the Pebble Beach Company Foundation seeks to improve.

In 1975, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation was born with a mission to provide youth with the building blocks of success, starting with literacy and education. “Education, especially literacy, is a central focus of the Pebble Beach Company Foundation,” says Bill Perocchi, CEO of Pebble Beach Company. “We believe that education is critical for individuals to rise out of poverty. The money raised for and by the Foundation, and in turn distributed to our community partners, helps address this need.”

Pebble Beach Company Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization (Tax ID#51-0189888) and all donations are tax deductible.

Additional Partner Charities
In addition to all the charities that receive funding through our philanthropic arm, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation, we also have established charitable partnerships with other non profits including United Way Monterey County.

We also support a select group of charities through an annual Charity Drawing

The education of these young graduates is a central focus of the Pebble Beach Company Foundation.

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