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Lotus Type 66: See it on our 2023 Concept Lawn

August 20, 2023

Truly exotic in its design execution, the Type 66 is a new, ultra-exclusive low-volume car from Lotus.

The Type 66 brings to life an iconic “drawing board” program from the brand’s world-renowned motorsport heritage and combines it with state-of-the-art racing technology and components.

Originally designed in the 1960s under the guidance of Lotus founder Colin Chapman as a possible competitor in the Can-Am series, the Type 66 project never went beyond technical drawings and scale models . . . until now.

Lotus’ Advanced Performance and Design teams have breathed new life into the project, taking it far beyond a simple retro-styled remake of the original concept. While the visual expression is strikingly similar to what could have been—including the period-correct white, red and gold graphics—its technology and mechanical underpinnings represent the very best in today’s advanced racing performance.

Not a re-edition. Not a restomod. The Type 66 is a completely new breed of Lotus, embodying a commitment that the brand’s past glories will always be reflected in its future. In its 75th anniversary year, it’s the perfect gift. From Lotus to fans worldwide—and to a handful of customers.

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